What is a Clevo Nh70?

What led to the creation of the Clevo NH 70? To learn more, glance at the brief description right now. A gaming-focused model under the name of Clevo NH70 was released by Clevo NH80. Both of them were created and released by a Taiwanese manufacturer, albeit there are slight differences between the NH80 and NH70. It is a laptop designed specifically for playing games and offers limited changes for productivity. In addition, despite its small display screen, the CPU and GPU are incredibly efficient and powerful. While the Clevo NH70 offers more advanced features and high-performance gaming capabilities. Since it cannot be replaced by your workstation or laptop for college study, It is primarily designed for playing high-end games with a fresh, reasonably priced machine and taking advantage of advanced capabilities, as opposed to utilising a PC.

Every new model of laptop introduces a few advanced features that set them apart from standard laptops. In addition, the maker makes it very well-integrated with both hardware and software. But in this article, we cover every detail about the Clevo NH70. Now, a quick explanation will assist you comprehend the system.

What Makes You Choose Clevo NH70?

Today’s market’s most popular laptop for serious gamers is the Clevo NH70. Excellent image and display quality is provided by the NIVIDA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU with pixels at 127.3 PPI.

With outstanding speakers, the audio quality will wow you. For a consistent and simple experience, 8GB RAM and an Intel Core i7 9th Gen processor chipset are used. Contrarily, the Clevo NH70 offers you a fully functional system so you may play video games without interruption.

Advance Features of Clevo NH70:

Resolution, Display & Weight:

The system sports a 17.3-inch screen with a totally matte finish and an astounding 3840 x 2160 resolution. Because of its HD display and vibrant colours, the Clevo NH70 is preferred over other comparable systems. While playing, gamers will enjoy its crystal HD display.

Now let’s talk about weight, which tends to annoy players. The metal of the Clevo NH70 weighs around 2.5 kg (4.58 lb), making it heavier than comparable systems in its class. It is not portable for playing due to its weight.

Charging Time & Battery:

With a price like that, a 14.4V 3275mAh battery in the laptop is adequate. However, it doesn’t seem perfect. Players must frequently plug in the system to a charger because the battery life is just 3.5–4 hours. People are forced to choose another device by this thing.

Clevo NH70 is the most popular system for excellent gaming area. As a result, gamers must use another device if the system’s battery life is just 8 to 9 hours.

Processor & Performance in Different Games:

The Clevo NH70 features an Intel Core i7 9th Gen processor chipset, which makes gaming more enjoyable. Contrarily, gamers have little trouble using memory-integrated functions or programmes.

Although its CPU enables it to operate and execute a variety of gaming-related issues, such as streaming, without impairing game performance.


It offers users various storage options with a limited number of PCIe slots. Players can have storage capacity expansions up to 1TB using a SATA or SSD hard drive depending on their needs. Contrarily, increased storage space improves gaming without degrading the speed or quality of the game.

Audio Quality

With these cutting-edge features and a flexible price range The Clevo NH70 has superior audio quality, which sets it apart from similar systems. Although speakers are located on the hardware’s bottom left side, this is occasionally ambiguous. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to pay money to purchase it.

Its excellent video and audio characteristics create a fantastic environment for the highest degree of pleasure. The greatest option with the best speaker quality is the Clevo NH70 heated.

Touch-Pad & Keyboard:

Depending on your streaming and mood, you can easily change the colour of the keyboard backlight. Additionally, the keyboard is fantastic and enhances your whole experience.

When compared to other systems, the device’s touchpad is incredibly quick and smooth, which draws more gamers’ attention to it. For the finest gaming experience when playing games like Minecraft, try Roblox.

Claims & Warranties:

Having a conversation about warranties and claims Device metal covers come with a one-year warranty that guards against issues with the hardware and manufacturer errors. Keyboard, monitor, and other internal component faults are not the users’ fault. It pays for both labour and recovery when fixing issues. On the contrary, you don’t need to worry about mechanical problems.

Hacks to Improve the Clevo NH70’s Performance:

Clevo NH70 is now the greatest product on the market to purchase for high end performance. Use these tips to purchase this within your means:

Do some research on your needs. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your needs before making a purchase. Your work style and the specific software features you want to use are factors.

Consider a pricing range. Since laptops often cost between $200 and $2000, it will be simple to buy one in this price range. You can get an outstanding bargain offer if you can wait until after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Remain patiently waiting. Your system with all of its specifications could show up soon.

Ask your family or friends for advice on which laptop would be ideal for you based on your needs.

Advantages & Disadvantages:


Best image status/quality and pixel density.

The best playing environment for professional gamers is made possible with the GTX 1650 GPU.

The 9th Gen Intel Core I7 chipset offers a fluid experience.

For a better experience, a backlit keyboard with pattern change is available.

Appropriate for seasoned gamers looking for top performance and aggressive gaming capabilities.


With advanced features, it is excessively expensive.

Too little, 3.5 to 4 hours, the battery life is disappointing.

It lacks a webcam, which is a feature that many other systems have.

Overly heavy compared to similar ones.

Not appropriate for workstation use or academic work.

Final Conclusion:

The Clevo NH70 quickly gained notoriety as a top-tier gaming laptop. The manufacturers have been producing laptops for a long time, and NH Company is particularly noteworthy.

It offers a powerful i7-8750H CPU, 1TB of SSD storage and a PCIe slot, as well as 8GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU.

if you want a gaming laptop that you can use for a lengthy period of time. The Clevo NH70 is the ideal choice in that case.

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