Hurricane experts stated on Friday that Hurricane Hermine was moving toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Before heading east toward Florida, the storm is forecast to make landfall in Jamaica and Cuba.

By Friday night, it's anticipated to intensify into Tropical Storm Hermine.

By the time it approaches Cuba, the storm is expected to be a Category 2 hurricane, and in the Gulf of Mexico, a Category 3 hurricane.

Hurricane experts stated in their advisory on Friday morning when the storm is anticipated to be in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the most recent projection, the storm will make landfall in south Florida close to Fort Myers and Naples.

Florida peninsula should keep a close eye on the hurricane.

Now, five systems are being monitored by hurricane forecasters:

– Caribbean tropical depression – Storm Fiona in the Atlantic – Atlantic Tropical Storm Gaston – Tropical depression along the west coast of Africa – Unrest in the Atlantic

Hurricane Wind Scale are:

– 38 mph for a tropical depression – hurricane: 39 to 73 mph – hurricane with a category 1: 74 to 95 mph – Hurricane category 2: 96 to 110 mph – Hurricane category 3 (major hurricane): 111 to 129 mph – Hurricane category 4: 130–156 mph – hurricane with a category 5: 157 mph or more