The Repack: Packers defeat Buccaneers without scoring in the second half

With 14 seconds left, Brady's 1-yard touchdown pass to Russell Gage finished a 13-play, 89-yard drive and pulled Tampa Bay to within two points

The ball belonged to the Packers. They had forward motion. They had the opportunity to lead by two possessions

Midway through the fourth quarter, with the Bucs behind by 8, they produced one of their few offensive highlights, moving 25 yards to the 50 on a Tom Brady ball to Jaelon Darden

Midway through the third quarter, after trapping the Buccaneers deep inside their own territory and forcing a punt from their own end zone

After recovering Aaron Jones' fumble, the Buccaneers ran straight back into the same situation

Late in the second quarter, the Packers were up by 11 points and on their way to what appeared to be a third touchdown when they lost possession of the ball in Bucs territory