SEO Checklist 6 Steps to Maintain SEO for Small Business

Maybe you have done everything for your website: on-page, link building, blog optimization, but you are still lagging in the search engine rankings.

Now what?

Maybe your business needs stronger SEO and happy returning customers!

But how will you do? Have a look at these tips to keep your website optimized and your search engine ranking high:

Fresh content is what Google needs:

Nobody wants to read the same repetitive content! So, keep on updating it frequently to boost your website ranking.

Even search engines don’t accept content that is repeated over and over.  With every new addition in the Google search algorithm, the search engine retunes and lifts the recently-updated content at the top thereby dropping the old pages down in the search result.

Nevertheless, if you can’t regularly update the content, choose the existing content and edit it by adding fresh keywords and Meta tags. But if you can, write blogs, articles, press releases, guest posts and other content to bring traffic and boost ranking.

No Broken Links:

Sometimes, to keep websites updated, moldy pages disappear with the new one. However, if you link these pages to the old ones, links will break, and Error 404 will appear. This will make customers unhappy and will make your website look bad. However, you can hire a SEO analysis to keep an eye on every link and upgraded page.

New keywords every month:

Look for keywords that are ranking on the web. Find the keywords that offer low-competition and receives few searches (200-500) every month. Target them in your content and edit or use them in the content you create. You can also use Google Adwords keyword finder tool to search keywords that have highest searches or can have monthly SEO maintenance plan to do so.

Use Info-Graphic:

Use the power of multimedia; if you haven’t posted any info-graphic content, do it now. Post videos and podcasts to make things interesting. Target new keywords to your content and try to put them in the videos. No matter what you do, make sure to make it look relevant and exciting for users. You can add current news or events, topics about politics, how-to, reviews and many other things to target audience of every niche.

Regularly Maintain a Website:

Minimize the load time to keep customers engaged on your website. Nobody wants to wait for at least 30 or 20 seconds for a website to load before losing interest. Moreover, not only just customer’s pay attention to the load time but search engines also do.  They do include load time in their algorithms to make sure pages fly at the search results at the time of loading.

Regularly maintained websites look beautiful, hassle-free, sleek and fast. Plus, they don’t let users turn around to other pages.

Track Everything:

Keep an eye on the search results to see how your updated content is ranking for the new keyword.

Internet tactics are always changing and evolving! So, you can never sit relaxed and think that your website is fully optimized.  You have to keep-up by maintaining a process to keep things updated.xde

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