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How to Block Websites on iPhone

There are a number of techniques to restrict the use of websites on your iPhone, regardless of your motivation. Screen Time, Allowed Websites, and Freedom are a few of these. You can limit the websites you visit and the apps you use by using these options. Although the method is simple, the steps might be challenging. To make the procedure simpler, adhere to the guidelines in this page. To block websites on your iPhone, you should adhere to a few fundamental measures.

Screen Time

To keep tabs on app usage, you can create a Screen Time tab in iOS. You can do this to block websites and limit how much each programme is used. This tab is located in the Settings app. Enter “Screen Time” in the search field after arriving there. “Block Site” can be found under the Content & Privacy Restrictions menu. After finding the tab, select “Block” or “Block URLs.”

You probably want to know how to ban websites on iPhone if you’re a parent. This is a very simple method for protecting your kids while reducing distractions. There are numerous options, so you might find one that suits your needs. To find out how to ban websites on an iPhone, keep reading. Parents of young children will particularly appreciate the use of this tool. The procedure is simple once you’ve tried it.

Using Screen Time, you may impose limitations on apps and websites as well. You may prohibit your youngster from using explicit music or apps, for instance. You can also impose limitations on your use of social media and iTunes purchases. You may prevent your child from using the internet when you aren’t around by placing limits on the websites and apps they can access. You’ll be happy that you did. Just remember to talk to them about screen time when you do!

You can set up an allow list to limit access to particular websites in addition to blocking websites. You must check the box next to the website URL and input it in the lower right corner of the screen to accomplish this. Toggle the switch to “Only use permitted websites” after that.

Setting a parental passcode is an additional choice. Passwords are required for screen time. You can give your youngster access to this password. You can monitor how much time your youngster spends on their phone in this way. Your child cannot change it once you have configured it. Additionally, you can always reset it if you’re concerned that your youngster will alter the settings. The warning alerts the user that they are getting close to their screen time limit when they attempt to start an app.

Allowed Websites

You might be asking how to restrict approved websites on the iPhone if you’re attempting to protect your kids from inappropriate information. The settings of the iPhone allow you to do this. Nearly all websites are blocked by default on iPhones, however there are a few ways to manually add websites. For instance, you can include the URL “” in the Safe Search settings on your iPhone. This will stop you from unintentionally going to a website you don’t want to.

You can create a screen time passcode to lock down the iPhone so that kids can’t access adult or other problematic websites. To modify the settings, you’ll need your child’s Apple ID and password. The limits will be lifted when you enter the passcode and remain off until you turn them back on. As an alternative, you can configure the web browser on your iPhone to block potentially harmful websites. Additionally, you can block particular websites, such as those that cater to adults.

Any iOS device’s browser can be used to block websites. Installing parental controls on your child’s iOS device is advised, nevertheless. You may manage the material your children see in this way. You can manually enter the URLs of websites you don’t want them to visit using this option. You can manage what your kids view and do on their iPhones in this way. Also keep in mind that you can limit your children’s access to websites that are appropriate for them.

You still have some control over what your children see even though you can’t entirely stop them from visiting pornographic websites. You can prevent access to websites with pornographic or violent content by using Content & Privacy Restrictions. Additionally, you can restrict websites depending on geography, gender, and age. Although it is a feature of the iPhone, independent apps do not support it. Additionally, you can no longer browse a website on your phone after adding it to the list.

You can also block specific websites in iOS 8 to iOS 11. To prevent access to websites that contain nudity and pornography, choose Limit Adult Websites. For your children, you can also turn off the SafeSearch option. It eliminates explicit content from Google search results. As long as your iPhone has parental controls, you can also block adult websites. Continue reading for more information on how to ban specific websites on an iPhone!


Blocking your kids from accessing dangerous websites is one of the best ways to make sure they don’t get there. Your productivity and focus can be severely hampered by the addicting content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You should download the free Freedom app to manage device usage and block websites. Simply up for a Freedom account and add the websites you want to block to your blocklist. Freedom already has a few built-in preset filters, but you may easily add more.

Freedom also enables you to restrict websites on your iPhone in addition to blocking specific websites. You can schedule or set a timer to ban websites. No website may be opened once your session expires. When you reopen the app, the blocking session will resume. Mobile apps can also be blocked, which is incredibly useful when you need to be productive. In Freedom, you can also plan recurring blocks. You may develop a productive habit and stop yourself from wasting more time on unproductive pursuits with its timer and scheduled features.

Download Freedom to your iPhone if you wish to restrict websites. The programme may be downloaded for free, but you must first install it on your smartphone. The programme requires you to enable permissions after installation. You can then select the websites you want to block after doing this. E-commerce sites, gambling sites, and other sites not appropriate for children are among its specified categories. You can also add your own categories using the app.

Freedom allows you to connect as many devices as you like, and you may decide what you want to block. Your other devices, including your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, can all use this app. The most effective app blocker, Freedom, is made to keep you from being distracted on all devices. You become more productive, learn more, and write better because to it. Your relationship with technology will improve as a result of freedom, and you’ll be happier and more effective as a result.


You might wish to set a Screen Time Passcode for your iPhone if your youngster is continually using it to access websites that they shouldn’t be. This function stops your youngster from altering the device’s settings without your awareness. The Apple ID and password of your child must be used to create the passcode. You may limit the amount of time your child can spend online and also stop them from using any unprotected websites or apps.

Open Screen Time and choose Content & Privacy Restrictions to enable the setting. Tap “Add Web Sites” after that. The URL and title of the website can then be entered to block your child from accessing it. The settings will be applied to all installed browsers after being added. After that, click “Done” to complete the procedure. You can then use your encrypted iPhone after that.

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