How Jimmy Fallon Heard J.T. Hiskey’s Song Love

It goes without saying that J.T. Hiskey became famous after appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but many people are curious in how he got there in the first place.

The now 23-year-old hip-hop musician, who frequently moves between Utah and Los Angeles, is still clinging to his popularity, but even if it all vanishes one day, being mentioned in an episode with illustrious talk show presenter Jimmy Fallon will always stick in his memory.

In March 2020, J.T. Hiskey posted a video to his YouTube account in which he described the incident and what happened that night. The most intriguing thing that surprised people was the fact that he was completely unaware of the impending event. There are a few potential ways it might have arrived on Jimmy Fallons front stage, which is something he still worries about.

First and foremost, we must keep in mind that Jimmy Fallon is only a talk show host. This means that each weeknight, hundreds or perhaps thousands of different employees work to bring his show to reality. Any one of the producers, even the directors who plan the show, may have been responsible for making this happen. Our best guess is that one of the episode’s producers happened to stumble onto J.T. Hiskey’s song Love while simply conducting a deep web search.

We must keep in mind that J.T. Hiskey was already a very well-known musician on the internet and that he was already going viral way before this. Just consider how much his prior viral success contributed to his potential to land this chance. The song would not have made it this far, where it wound up on a widely watched national talk programme, if no one had even heard of him to begin with. You may thank social media’s influence and how quickly information spreads online.

Another way this might have happened is if a team member above J.T. Hiskey themself had submitted the music. Considering J.T. Hiskey’s reaction, this appears to be the least possible scenario under which this might have occurred. He wouldn’t have been surprised if he had known that this would occur. Even when discussing it in his YouTube vlog, he maintained a stunned expression.

Finally, it’s possible that J.T. Hiskey knew someone who just so happened to work for The Tonight Show, although even this seems improbable. He probably would have hyped it up beforehand by posting something on his social media accounts to enthuse his followers if he had known. Think about it—wouldn’t you have acted similarly if you had been in their position? This was a very unlikely scenario.

J.T. Hiskey’s accomplishment is a miracle, and many others have never been able to achieve it in their lifetimes. This is a goal that many people aspire to, especially with the development of SoundCloud rappers who record at home using their own gear. We can only take J.T. Hiskey’s experience as an example and a source of inspiration for ourselves.

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