How can I go to the Piso Wifi Vendo Login page?

As the largest ISP in the Philippines, Piso Wifi Vendo began as an internet service provider in the manner of an arcade. It was established in 2017 and has since expanded daily. When Piso wifi was introduced in 2017, PISONET, the previous version that had been introduced in 2011, was rebranded. A user can access the internet using coins because the word “piso” implies “one peso.” You receive the most affordable internet service through a vending machine. It is well known for being a coin-purchased internet service that is available for rental. People who can’t afford expensive internet can pay with coins to access this service.

A default gateway with 4 sets of numbers in the 0 to 255 range is The internet service provider assigns distinct IP addresses to each device, just as they do to each user. The network id is contained in the first three bits of the default IP address, and the device id, which is unique, is contained in the final bit. The first of three points is network id, which is 10. We will offer a comprehensive instruction about Piso Wifi Vendo in this article. How to log in to, default login information, advantages, problems, frequently asked questions, and more. Then continue reading!

Table of Contents

  • How Do I Log Into Piso WiFi Vendo
  • Benefits of Using Piso Wifi Vendo Default Username and Password
  • Use of Piso Wifi Vendo Issues
  • Gateway not responding or taking a long time to answer 2. Incorrect address assignment
  • 3. Incorrect IP address; 4. Invalid login information
  • Conclusion

How Do I Log Into Piso WiFi Vendo

The steps listed below must be followed in order to log in. You don’t need to purchase a new router if you already have one at home. By using this router, you can access the internet:

  • First, launch a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE)
  • In the URL bar, type or just If a warning appears, disregard it because you are viewing it from a different router.
  • There will be a login screen. In the space designated for it, enter your login and password.
  • You will now be brought to the Router’s Admin Page after clicking “Log In.”
  • In the router admin panel, you can modify settings and perform other tasks.

We advise you to check the panel’s URL, which is The URL only has two zeros, not three. You can browse the router admin panel and make changes to the settings as needed once you’re there. Through the panel, you may even modify your IP address.

Note: Routes from 0 to 255 can be created, for example, to You are permitted to change the IP address of Comcast or Xfinity between and, and between and for Comcast.

Default Username and Password

Each router’s default username and password are unique. Since it would be impossible to mention them all in this page, we have provided the most popular login and password combinations instead. Try any of the following:

The Advantages of Piso Wifi Vendo

There are many advantages to using this one peso internet service. Below is a list of a few of them:

  • Piso Wifi enables access to the internet for those who cannot afford expensive internet.
  • It aids in managing users, rate time, and bandwidth.
  • The IP address can be used again.
  • From the inexpensive internet service, telecom continues to make money.
  • The administrator can control rate adjustment from any location.
  • It is simple to use and access at any moment thanks to the method.
  • Without purchasing any packages, internet service at Piso Wifi Vendo is basically free.

Use of Piso Wifi Vendo Issues

While using, you can run into problems like a slow response time, an incorrect IP address, incorrect login information, a non-responsive gateway, and more. Below, we’ve covered the most prevalent user issues:

1. An unresponsive gateway or a prolonged response time

Change the IP address if you are having trouble logging into the server with,, and are the active IP addresses. These IP addresses should help you with your issue. However, if they do not function, you must examine your router’s hardware or cable. Unplug the wire from the router and then plug it back in to solve the problem OR restart your router.

2. Wrong Address Assignment

When the wireless network itself assigns IP addresses to every user, this problem arises. The majority of IP addresses will block your Internet since they are outside of the range.

3. Wrong IP Address

Incorrect IP address is the third problem you could have. It’s possible that you entered the wrong one in the URL bar, which will prevent you from accessing the internet. There are only 2 zeros in, so use caution while inputting the URL. You can enter or but not because it is an incorrect number because it has three zeros in it. If you make a typing error, your browser will either open the default homepage or a Google search result. Even if you start with https, it is still invalid.

4. Incorrect login credentials

The final potential problem is using the incorrect username and password to log in. In the section above, we listed a few default usernames and passwords that are often used. Any of them can be tried, or you can examine the router’s rear.


The Piso Wifi Vendo offers thousands of customers nearly free internet access. You will encounter some advertising because it is free; these are the only ways for the corporation to make money, so it is not a bad deal to put up with the commercials in exchange for the free service. Since the internet is public, all you have to do to safeguard your computer from malware and viruses is turn on the firewall.

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