Everything About Wireline And Slickness!

Wireline is a cabling system that is used by industry operators to lower the equipment, wireline tools and measuring devices into a wellbore. Generally, a wireline consists of a set of braided cables that are used for the pipe recovery, well intervention and maintenance, and evaluation purposes.

Wireline cables are also the electrical cables that help in transmitting data to the wellbore. These electrical cables are also used to check the condition of the well. Besides, the data received from these wellbores get logged into the wireline logs.

Further, wireline tools are the set of specifically designed instruments that are used for well workover functions. It is also helpful in talking down and bringing up any instrument from in-out of the wellbore. These wireline tools are useful in the things like:

  • Gathering the information of pore size
  • Locating casting collars
  • Recovering samples
  • Gathering hydrocarbon formation pressure
  • Gauging upon the rock’s properties of a reservoir

What Are Wireline Logs?

Wire logs help in measuring the properties of a well with the help of electrical wireline. Developed by the Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger, it is the one of the most helpful equipment used to measure the quality of the wellbore. Unlike other mud registers and MWD registers, these wired logs are also used to down the measurements that are sent through the power cables.

Besides, construction workers use wireline services to help geologists, drillers, and engineers to make real-time decisions about the drilling and its operations.

Wireline Cutters:

A wireline cutter is a tool that is used for cutting the slackline utilizing the tool string, which gets stuck or jammed in the bore of the well. These tools revolve on its regular axis to make cutting easy and accessible. This kind of tools helps in cutting the slackline or braided wires, thereby causing no harm to the casing or any other downhole equipment.

Benefits Of Using Wireline Cutter:

  • These are used for cutting struck tools along the slackline
  • These tools don’t harm or damage the surrounding areas in the wellbore
  • It is not used for performing cutting operations against the tubing
  • It is retrievable and is quite easy to use


Slickline is a thin steel wire that runs on the Slackline unit to get tools like plugs, gauges or valves in the whole string. The main purpose of the slackline is to move its tools into the wellbore for well maintenance and repair. These tools are also used to run shifting tools to open and close the sleeves of the slackline tools.  Just know the exact diameter you want your slackline to be and use the latest technology of construction. However, most construction workers advice keeping slackline’s diameter of small size. This is because:

  • Small slackline reduces the overall weight
  • It easily gets into small diameter holes
  • It keeps the reel drum size low

Working Operations:

When the well production needs some repair work to restore, maintain or improve the production, this is known as workover. Sometimes, repackaging operations need a shutdown, that’s when a well-maintained unit is used. The wire employed to raise and lower the equipment might be of braided steel or a smooth steel line, which will help in working.

So, now you know about them, make an effective decision and use them in the wellbore!

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