Educational Benefits of Melissa and Doug Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles give kids a special learning tool by enhancing their hand-eye coordination and manipulative skills. They are educational, entertaining, and give kids a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, they help kids develop their critical thinking abilities and employ deductive questions while still providing a challenge to complete the problem. Jigsaw puzzles were created for the first time by John Spilsbury around 1760 as a geography resource for young British children, and they immediately gained popularity in the academic field. It wasn’t until about 1880 that puzzles started to be considered a leisure activity.

Kids learn while having fun. The process of putting a puzzle together helps children develop their excellent motor skills. A child’s hand-eye coordination improves as his eyes follow the movement from puzzle piece to board, which helps with many other activities. But jigsaw puzzle benefits go well beyond physical abilities. As they must complete the work in its entirety, children learn persistence and endurance. As they work together, especially when putting together a puzzle with 100 or more pieces, they develop social skills. It also requires concentration and critical thinking skills.


A child can complete the same puzzle more quickly with each assembly by painting it multiple times. The ability to remember things better is enhanced by this practise. A number of producers, including Melissa & Doug, Ravensburger, and White Mountain, offer jigsaw puzzles. Doug and Melissa’s goal was to offer educational puzzles. They offer puzzles for various ages, but the majority of their items are made for infants and young children in preschool. In 1988, Doug’s determine’s garage was converted into the main office.

They made their debut in 1991 with the fuzzy farm puzzle. Even jigsaw puzzles for toddlers are available from Melissa & Doug, which feature basic pieces like a three-piece car set. They have a well-known map puzzle of America among their preschool puzzles. These puzzles are specifically made to teach colouring, counting, alphabet, sorting, and geography—all essential abilities needed to prepare students for entering college. For older kids, Ravensburger and White Mountain have some really great designs.

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